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Hello, welcome to Stephen's Thoughts and Things a work in progress. I have been a cyber pilot who has found enormous, inspiration and insight surfing the net since June of 1997 when I created this page. The internet is a physical, or at least a metaphorical, manifestation of Carl G. Jung's collective unconscious. The bridge between traditional and/or conventional thinking and progressive thinking needs strengthing. This includes practices regarding individual healing, community and economic development, spirituality and education. We are all humans on this earth. We each have individual needs. Failing to work through these conflicting views can destroy community living. There seems to be a predjudicial gap among various groups that is keeping our communities from moving easily into the new millenium. In spite what some think these groups are not mutually exclusive. This is not an either or, black or white, kind of debate or discussion. Every individual has their own perspective. Promoting and expanding our differences causes more conflict and discord. We certainly must understand and respect our differences. But that is where it should end.

We should pay attention to the concepts that bring us together. This page and the links it offers will promote an democratic and ecumenical tolerance for people with different cultural, community, economic, religious and personal values. It will encourage the common core values of being human.

One common core value I believe all people have is a individual vision to live a peaceful and secure life filled with human cooperation, love and joy. Another critical part of living on earth is economic opportunity, people all over the world must have a reasonable way to make a living in the community they live.

We each must feel secure physically, economically and emotionally. A significant part of this philosophy is that individuals are taking responsibility for the development of our local communities and themselves. Working in your local community is a great start. Volunteer in your local community.

Another great example of world cooperation is the, just one click helps feed the hungry worldwide. Many individuals are also actively seeking individual peace and healing through various self directed activities such as life long learning, regular exercise, good nutrition and prayer. The work of Andrew Weil is a good example of personal health approaches that include a paradigm shift, which will help evolve health care and medical practice for the forseeable future. I have experienced wonderful benefits from centering prayer, it promotes an internal spiritual sustinence. It transforms one from self centered to creation centered. It is based on the monastic tradition of contemplative prayer.

I also enjoy walking and walk as often as I can.

My particular professional expertise and interest is in rehabilitation, human resource development and public administration. I believe individuals need to find balance in their lives by identifying the various internal and external systems (beliefs, people, organizations, etc.) that support their life and then consciously strive to attend to these systems. This includes governments, communnities, families, organizations and each individual human. These concepts are universal and can be applied by any human being or community that is striving towards more balance and continuity with the environment they are living in. This awarness creates a paradigm shift, which occures when this practice becomes part of everyday choices. It then moves each individual citizen and or community from an isolated self preservation perspective to a local and world community preservation perspective. We realize we are all connected in some way. When a human being, or some other organization cooperates with and attends to the systems that sustain and support their life, individual, community and global balance is acheived because we each cooperate with multiple systems. These systems, including our own thrive.

We must teach our children this gift. It starts with sound educational policies. Organizations that promote and attend to the needs of children are critical for the future of our world.

We all want thriving communities and personal contentment. When all individuals and communities are thriving through cooperative efforts and we will each have found inner peace, then will we truely be a healthy planet.

This may be an idealistic vision but it is a worthwhile global goal for humanity. This page is dedicated to promoting human cooperation in daily community living.

Thanks Keep the Faith

--Stephen 20:29, 21 Mar 2005 (UTC)